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Chef Nelson's Cake Studio
Thru two generations of family baking and personal patisserie education dating from 1975, I offer beautiful and affordable cake creations for all occasions. Call to make an appointment so we can customize your special event.
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969 Virginia Ave
Palm Harbor, FL 34693
Phone: 727-733-6548
Cell: 727-215-0033
Fax: 727-733-3434
Wedding Cake Special
Serves up to 85 guests
Includes choice of cake
and fillings.
Many designs to choose from.
Delivery available
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for an appointment
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White cake
Chocolate cake
Angel food cake
Yellow cake
Carrot cake
Red velvet cake
Spice cake
Traditional European fruit cake

Cake Fillings:
Pudding - Mousse
Compote - Liquers
Fresh Fruit

Buttercream - Meringue
Royal Icing - Fondant
Sweet Cream
Have your Cake and Eat it Too
By Erika Hval

A wedding without a cake may appear to some like a matrimonial blasphemy; nothing less than a betrayal of centuries old tradition. Any large celebration, for that matter, often seems incomplete without a delicious frosted delight to top off the occasion. For many overlooked restricted dieters, however, the option of this customary confection may not exist - that is, if they haven't met Chef Nelson. Chef Nelson's Cake Studio, located in a quaint Palm Harbor neighborhood, makes cakes for diabetics and vegans alike with an array of sugar-free and animal product-free cake creations.

Chef Nelson, a fourth generation baker, found a passion for nutrition early on, studying with dieticians for over six years at a Jackson Hole hospital. After moving to Florida, he combined this extensive knowledge with his pastry skills and now caters to those who were once condemned to the veggie platter come dessert time. "My cakes are beneficial to my client while �favorably  enticing,  explains the chef. Still, cakes just aren't the same without the eggs and shortening, despite the delicious dietary choices he provides. He suggests mixing the tiers, alternating traditional layers with others meeting special dietary requirements.

Chef Nelson crafts cakes for all affairs, treating "every one as a very special event  and "engineering them to specifications.  Starting at just $1.95 per slice (upwards for the specialty cakes) and offering flavors like Crème de Menthe and Chocolate Double Fudge along with European favorite like fruit cake, his studio  selections prove difficult  to pass up. Thanks to Chef Nelson now everyone can have their cake, and eat it too.
Additional Creations by Chef Nelson!